Friday, 22 September 2017

Instructions To Manage Inventory In QuickBooks

It is the accounting software used by small and medium-sized businesses through which you can accept business payments, pay and manage bills and also perform payroll functions. People can manage their inventory using this accounting software. Users can try its trial version which is valid for 30 days. Top businessmen are using this program for managing Sales and Income and tracking their bills and expenses and doing much more with it. Users can also summarize their profit and loss report within few minutes. One of its great features is that it creates a balance sheet report within no time. To manage your inventory in Quickbooks is a very big topic but here I’m explaining to you how to start with Quickbooks for inventory. 

Instructions To Manage Inventory In QuickBooks

Follow the given instructions to start with it.

  • Start your computer and click the icon of QuickBooks Pro to open it.
  • Sign in to QuickBooks program and select Edit from the above menu which is located beside File option.
  • Click Preferences from the drop-down list of File.
  • Next, from the left side corner choose Items and Inventory and choose the second tab titled as Company Preferences.
  • Under this option, put the tick on the first statement which says Inventory and purchase orders are active.
  • Select OK and get back to the main menu and choose Lists from subhead.
  • Select Item List from the drop-down list.
  • A new screen will be visible click Item from the bottom of the visible screen.
  • Also, note that you have to select New for any new inventory record to add on from the list of Item.
  • Choose Inventory Part under Type option and provide the full information requested for that part.
  • Mention all the details about inventory i.e. sales price, cost, income account, date etc. and complete it.
  • Click OK and select Vendors from the menu.
  • Choose the first option from drop-down list i.e. Vendor Center.
  • Select New Transactions and then click Receive Items and Enter Bill.
  • Type all the information which is requested and select Save and Close to making the changes.
There is much more information on this topic that a person needs to know if he is using QuickBooks, dial the toll-free number to contact Intuit QuickBooks Support Number 048879113 and get the perfect guidance of how to use this software to make your work more easier. Our customer service takes remote access of your system to remove the problem, so you don’t need to go anywhere, comfortably sit at home and avail our best services.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

How To Create Backup of Your Quickbooks Files

If you are running a small or medium sized business you must need proper account management in order to make it successful. QuickBooks is accounting software that takes care of all your money related activities like you can create Invoices, sent and receive money, link your bank and keep a check on your income growth and much more all at the same platform.
How To Create Backup of Your Quickbooks Files

You can utilize the QuickBooks service on your mobile, Desktop, Online and on your Macintosh as well this gives you the liberty to access your business income and expense from anywhere. QuickBooks is a must have software if you want to focus more on your business than managing bills.

Sometimes due to some unknown error, you might lose your company important information so it’s better to have a back for your QuickBooks company file. To know how to back up your file follow the below strides carefully or visit QuickBooks Support to know more about your account.
  • Open your QuickBooks and go to File and then click Switch to Single-user Mode.
  • From the File menu, select Backup Company and then click create a folder to save this file on your PC.
  • In next Window, select Local Backup then click the “Options” button.
  • On the new Window that open click browse and then select the location to save this file and click OK.
  • If you want to use any other option on this page, look for it as each step is properly explained; click Ok when you are done.
  • To distinguish between backup files mark the check box labeled as “Add the date and time to the file name (recommended)”.
  • Check the box that states “Limit the number of copies to this folder” and enter the number if you want to restrict the number of backups created for the single company, this will help you to save your time.
  • Select the check box that states “Remind me to backup when I close my company file every time” and set the frequency if you want to receive a regular reminder for this saved file.
  • For verifying the data select the options while saving.
  • In the Create Backup window, click Next.
Although the above steps are quite sufficient to resolve your issues still if there is any hitch you can talk to an expert on QuickBooks Technical Support Number +64-048879113, they are trained to provide you with the best possible solution to your queries.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to send Invoices through your iOS device in QuickBooks

How to send Invoices through your iOS device in QuickBooksWith the passage of time, we have evolved ourselves in such a way that today we have all the services at our hand. Whatever we want, we can get easily as all these things are just one click away. Take anything from the present world, whether it is any service or product, all these things can be accessed remotely. You need not do the task in real or manually.

Now, in this blog, QuickBooks support is talking about sending invoices through your iOS device if you are self-employed. Big companies and organizations have set rules or letterheads to send notifications but for a self-employed person, there are no such rules. No, but this does not mean that self-employees are free to do anything. They also need to send invoices and bills to maintain their work properly.

QuickBooks offer this feature which is already embedded in its software package. You can follow the following trends to learn how this thing is done.

  • On the bottom of your screen, look for the invoices button and press it.

  • In the next page, tap the create invoice link to create one. You can also press the + button to add one.

  • Type in the name of the recipient or you can choose the contacts column to select one recipient from your phone contact list.

  • On the next screen, enter the details such as email address, phone number and home address etc to make it more professional.

  • Save these details by pressing the save button.

  • Now, add some invoicing items to the list. You can add as many items as you want.

  • Fill the description according to your need.

  • In the Rate column, enter the amount. You can set a flat rate, hourly rate or per unit rate etc also.

  • Finally, add some contact info or your own contact and after this, press the send button to send it.
If you are facing any difficulty in following the above-described steps then you can Contact QuickBooks Support NZ for your help. This support team can solve your problems instantly by remotely controlling your account for a short moment of time. The expert on the other side of the phone is trained enough to tackle any situation.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

How to perform Client Data Review Functions?

An amazing accounting software but only few businessman make suitable use out of it. After learning the proper method of using it, you can easily make records of all the transactions. Without the prior knowledge, clients build mistakes and lack in accuracy to analyze figures carefully. To make effective decisions, one has to go around each statement while learning to operate it. CDR is present in Enterprise Accountant Edition which is accessible in Pro and Premier as logging in as an External Accountant user. It helps you in clearing the wrong entries or any error done by the person.

It makes you more professional in identifying and rectifying the problems that take place while performing your actions otherwise it will consume a lot of time. An individual can’t be careless while doing such big calculations in an industry or firm. Everything has the way out and this too has, seek aid from QuickBooks Support NZ or have a glance below:

The single screen itself provides you to access components and reports available in Client Data Review.

  • Attaches to menu panel.
  • For the amendments use real-time records refresh.
  • It stores your reviewed balances and next time if there is a difference, a journal entry has to be done.
  • There is an option to re-categorise statements that includes addition, deletion, merging or editing.
  • Gives the appropriate display to apply open customer, vendor payments or credits related to invoices.
  • You can write off unpaid bills and can erase inventory balances.You can assess individual steps as well as overall observations.
  • Mark ‘Complete’ on it to show you re-open review or begin with a new stage.
  • If you want, can get a print report of the modification done.
  • Now it is available for use in data sharing file type.

If you do not find any relevance in the above lines, without wasting a minute Contact QuickBook Number +64-048879113 to know deeper clarifications. Feel free to call and get out from the hurdles in which you are stuck in.

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Recording Cash withdrawals in QuickBooks

If you are a business owner, then certainly you would have to make withdrawals for various purposes. There can be several purposes for withdrawals like to have cash in hand or paying themselves. It is important to record the amount withdrawn in QuickBooks Software to show in the account from which you have taken the amount and also the account in which the cash was deposited. It would be called 'Draw' if you are a sole proprietor and 'Distribution' if your business is incorporation. 

Recording as a Draw-

  • With 'Owner Draws' create an equity account. On the top menu bar, click List and then open Chart of Accounts. Scroll down to the Chart of Accounts and click on it.
  • Now press and hold CTRL + N keys. Search for 'Equity' under 'Type' and select it. Then select Continue option. You will see a new window of Add new account.
  • In the Name box, enter Owner's draw. Use the term 'Shareholder Distributions' if your business is incorporated. Adding the description and note portions are optional so you can skip it if you want. Until and unless you are not familiar with the accounting terms, you can leave Tax-Line Mapping box blank.
  • From the top menu bar go to Banking option. Then scroll to transfer funds option and click on it. Once you see the window, enter all the details of the transfer from Checking to Draws.
  • In the Transfer Funds From box, select Checking account. Scroll down to Checking account by clicking the arrow. From Transfer, Funds To select Draws account. Go to Draws account after clicking it.
  • Now, in the Transfer Amount box enter the withdrawal amount. Close the window after clicking Save & Close.

Call QuickBooks Support New Zealand for further details about the same at +64-04-8879113.
If you are facing any difficulty with the accounting software and looking for assistance and guidance then get in touch with the expert's team of QuickBooks customer support number +64-04-8879113 and let them help you in fixing out the issues. You can also contact the team via live chat or email as they are available there for 24/7.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Why Trust Quicken Support Number For Resolving Errors and Enjoying Finance Advantages?

Financial reports are complicated; they require lots of calculation, addition, and deduction. Yes, there are several tools and software rated best for managing financial processes. But, sometimes the software might malfunction or get corrupted due to some technical error. In such time, the tutorial shared by the experts comes into the life-saving method. The Intuit’s Quicken if not managed appropriately then it displays errors and all the files get corrupted. At such crucial time, instead of resolving the errors on your own; try to use the Quicken Support Number. The technical experts are trustworthy to get instant solutions to technical problems.

Why Trust Quicken Support Number For Resolving Errors and Enjoying Finance Advantages?

Usually, the Intuit users doubt about the technical support services, due to the increasing percentage of independent technical support service providers. But, for such users, the online Youtube reviews about the Quicken Support Number NZ +64-04-8879113 is proof about the excellent customer care services.

A majority of users are dependent on the cloud-based versions of the financial software for paying bills, payroll management, invoices and payment details.

Get to know about the advantages of Quicken for Accountants and Businessmen. With the help of technical experts, you can enjoy the features mentioned below with a broader aspect.

Finance Management: Both the small and large scale organizations can utilize the Quicken software for managing payment transactions. With the advanced software, the user can link the bank account and manage the payment applications and invoice.

Expense Bills:  Add expenses for employee meals, bonus, leaves, salary and petty cash. The Pro Version includes several exciting tools for manually managing client operations and day to day billing.

Sales Invoice: Send direct emails of receipt or bill. Make invoicing easier by sending bills to large batches. This feature allows the user to create automatic sales bills and track payments.

Reporting: With the premium version of the Quicken software, you can create income reports, expense charts, and graphical reports. These all reports can be secured with backup service and later retrieved for future use. 

User-Friendly:  Quicken app allows the user to easily navigate the options and tools. In addition, the app version is best for professionals who love to manage handy sales report.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

How To Correct The Wrong Transaction In QuickBooks?

How frustrating it is due to the single mistake in QBs accounting software can hinder the process of balancing the accounts and become time-consuming in tracing and fixing the error.

Following can be the reason for discrepancy-
  • Earlier recorded transactions have been modified added or deleted.
  • Adjustments in rectifying entries.

You can minimize such errors in your accounts by following instructions for correcting the transactions. 

You can correct the improperly posted bank transaction in QuickBooks by revising bank accounts.

How To Correct The Wrong Transaction In QuickBooks?

What All Is Required To Follow- 
  • Set up QuickBooks. From top navigation menu click Lists. For the opening, the Chart of Accounts window go to the context menu and select Chart of Accounts.
  • To sort the accounts type click Type on top of the window. And then move to Bank section. 
  • Now double click on the bank account which is not recorded correctly to open account register.
  • Now search the wrong entry within the list as QBs shows them in date order.
  • Go to the transaction and click on Edit button from the menu bar available at the top of the window. Here you can change the incorrect details by selecting the suitable tab and from drop down list choose the correct information for each tab. You can change Memo, From Account, Received From, Payment Method and Check Number with this. Highlight the already entered amount and write the new amount in input box for changing the entry.
  • Depending upon the version of QuickBooks either click Record or 'Save and Close button to save the correct transaction.
Note: If you are unable to search the incorrect entry in the register, in that case, you will have to Undo the previous reconciliation until the opening balance is rectified. You can proceed with reconciliation every month, checking the opening balance is correct or not.

QuickBooks Customer Support at your service 24/7. Just call +64-04-8879113 If you are unable to fix the error of incorrect transaction then don’t worry. Just Contact QuickBooks Support NZ team at our toll-free number +64-04-8879113. Our experts will instruct you how to proceed with QuickBooks software.

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