Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How to Remove or Change A User’s Access in QuickBooks?

You will find a number of accounting software in the market but QuickBooks is one of the best software among them. A person can easily manage cash flow control, invoice, tax calculation, payroll, loss and benefits for the business. All these features are offered at their optimal capacity.

To Remove or Change a User’s Access in QuickBooks, do the Following:

To Remove a User:

  1. Open QuickBooks on your system and navigate to Settings icon.
  2. Click Manage Users from the list of available options.
  3. Now, within the Accounting Firms section, highlight the name of the person you want to remove.
  4. Click Delete on the bottom right of that field.
  5. Click Yes when you get the message “Are you sure you want to delete?” to confirm the remove of the user.

Change a User’s Access Rights

  1. Turn on your laptop, login as administrator and double-click the icon of QuickBooks on the desktop to open this program.
  2. Navigate to Gear icon to open a drop-down list.
  3. Select Manage Users from the drop-down menu and move to next step.
  4. Select the name of the person whose access rights you want to change.
  5. Click Edit in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  6. Now, hover the mouse on Change button to continue the process.
  7. Read the user types and select the type of access you want the user to have.
  8. Click Next button and then click Finish to complete the procedure.
  9. Select Save button. It has competed now. Sign out and sign in again to see the changes made.

Change a User’s Name or Email in the Manage Users List

  1. Turn on your laptop, login as administrator and double-click the icon of QuickBooks on the desktop to open this program.
  2. Navigate to Gear icon to open a drop-down list.
  3. Select Manage Users from the drop-down menu and move to next step.
  4. Select the name or email of the person to change.
  5. Click Edit on the bottom right and update the name or email of the user.
  6. Select Save button to apply the changes, sign out and sign in again to check the changes.

So, this is all you have to do to make these changes in QuickBooks. In case you confront difficulties while following these steps or to clear any doubt, we are available with our expert team members to guide you with proper instructions. Our executives are highly professionals to help the users in any situation. We love to work for our clients and we have more than thousands of happy customers, who are enjoying our services. To prevent yourself from technical errors in this software, dial QuickBooks Support Contact Number NZ +64-099509151 and get our expert’s advice.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Adding GST in for Suppliers in QuickBooks Online

GST, a location-based tax ensure that you have the right shipping address of your customers, so that the right tax can be determined.  In GST IN tax regime, you will need to know GST Identification number of your distributors to generate GST compliant invoices and returns and also avail input tax credit. To add this tax for your suppliers, follow the methods provided below by the QuickBooks Support.

Adding a Distributor for the First Time:

  • From the left menu go to Expenses.
  • Select Suppliers and click add a supplier.
  • In Supplier Information Type supplier’s information along with his GSTIN.
  • Hit the Save button.
  • Your first Supplier and his GSTIN are saved.

Adding GST IN of New Supplier:

  • Go to Expenses from the left menu.
  • Hit the Suppliers button.
  • On the top right click New Supplier.
  • In the section of Suppliers Information provide the supplier’s details along with GST Identification number.
  • Press the Save button.
  • New Distributors GSTIN gets saved.

Adding GST IN of New Existing Supplier:

  • From the left menu select Expenses.
  • Give a click on Suppliers.
  • On the top right click the option of Edit.
  • In Supplier’s Information go to GSTIN.
  • Provide the supplier’s GST Identification number and hit the Save button.
If you come across any difficulty while following the above process or want to learn about this software more, you can get help from our team. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support Helpline +64-099509151 for any information or issue and clear your doubts by the experts of our team. The team will guide you in resolving your issues with the best possible solutions provided by our well-trained technicians and highly experienced engineers. So do not sit idle, grab the benefits of service provided exclusively for you and your issues. Give a call and talk to our agents as soon as possible to get rid of your issues.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Accounting Software?

There is no denying on the matter that QuickBooks is one of the bright shining stars of your business arena. This software helps you put the feature in your hat with the accounting support it provides by managing your finances. Though, you are yet confused about the feature about printing check through the software. If you are not convinced on why anyone should print checks using application and not manually, this article will provide you the right answers for your clarity.

QuickBooks Support NZ is an extremely efficient team who works effectively towards making their users’ journey a happy and easy one. The application is constantly pushing their boundaries on making this the best in supporting and managing finances for businessman and personal accounts as well.

There Are a Few Benefits to Creating and Printing Checks in QuickBooks, Which Are: 

  • You do not have to manually enter the check later when it is time to reconcile your checking account with the bank statement.
  • This will always keep you up-to-date with the most recent expenses you have paid.
  • You no more have to write them manually.
  • Lastly, of course, you can print your checks directly from the application.

How To Print Check In QuickBooks?

  1. Go to the interface of the application and find Write Checks from the QuickBooks Banking drop-down list. 
Remember that the app selects all checks for printing in default; thus, deselect the boxes next to all the checks, if you want to print only certain checks. Or else you can directly enter the check number in the first check number box and click OK.

2. Next, you have to click Print Forms from the File menu.

Choose the check style from the options: Voucher, Standard or Wallet and select the bank account to be used for payment. Select the printer name from the drop-down and the printer type: single sheets or multiple sheets.

3. Now, load the blank checks on your printer. Go to the Banking menu and select Print.

After the checks are printed, you must examine whether they have printed properly. For any more queries and issues, related to the software you can consult our QuickBooks Support Number 099509151. Our team ensures that we get your problem resolved in the promised arena.

We are also providing MYOB Customer Support in New Zealand. For any Technical issues call on MYOB Support Helpline Number.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to Export Sales Transactions in QuickBooks?

Accounting software has become highly regulated and more important than ever. An accounting application allows firms to track their financial record and receive almost instantaneous reporting and analysis. Before QuickBooks existed, accounting tasks had to be performed manually by hand, but now everything has been changed. QuickBooks reduces the cost of accounting as well as provide more exact and timely reporting to view sales transactions thoroughly.

The Sales Transaction page is a central area to view and work with transactions that bring money to your business. To this end, QuickBooks Support is here with this blog to guide you – how to view sales transactions in QuickBooks.

  • Start from the main screen to create new invoices or view sales transaction. To create, click the + or if you want to view, just click the View button.
  • Here, create other customer entries, like charge, credits, time activities and so forth. See the status of any transaction in the list.
  • If you want a view to receive payment for an invoice form the list, take action on a transaction with having to find the individual transaction first.
  • After you do this, you will see a window on your screen. In this window, you can view your sales transactions. If you want to print them or packing slips for invoices and sales receipt.
  • To send a transaction or a group, select a single transaction or group to customise and send the messages or list.
  • Sort your list alphabetically to see only the items that you’re interested in.
  • You can also change the columns to view just those data you need.
  • Finally, export the list to MS Excel so you can work with data in other ways.

If you encounter any issue; have more queries regarding this or other matters, you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support. Here our experts have got a keen eye for details and years of experience under their belt. Just call QuickBooks Customer Support Number  099509151 today and you will be blown away by their work excellence and proven customer service.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Instructions To Manage Inventory In QuickBooks

It is the accounting software used by small and medium-sized businesses through which you can accept business payments, pay and manage bills and also perform payroll functions. People can manage their inventory using this accounting software. Users can try its trial version which is valid for 30 days. Top businessmen are using this program for managing Sales and Income and tracking their bills and expenses and doing much more with it. Users can also summarize their profit and loss report within few minutes. One of its great features is that it creates a balance sheet report within no time. To manage your inventory in Quickbooks is a very big topic but here I’m explaining to you how to start with Quickbooks for inventory. 

Instructions To Manage Inventory In QuickBooks

Follow the given instructions to start with it.

  • Start your computer and click the icon of QuickBooks Pro to open it.
  • Sign in to QuickBooks program and select Edit from the above menu which is located beside File option.
  • Click Preferences from the drop-down list of File.
  • Next, from the left side corner choose Items and Inventory and choose the second tab titled as Company Preferences.
  • Under this option, put the tick on the first statement which says Inventory and purchase orders are active.
  • Select OK and get back to the main menu and choose Lists from subhead.
  • Select Item List from the drop-down list.
  • A new screen will be visible click Item from the bottom of the visible screen.
  • Also, note that you have to select New for any new inventory record to add on from the list of Item.
  • Choose Inventory Part under Type option and provide the full information requested for that part.
  • Mention all the details about inventory i.e. sales price, cost, income account, date etc. and complete it.
  • Click OK and select Vendors from the menu.
  • Choose the first option from drop-down list i.e. Vendor Center.
  • Select New Transactions and then click Receive Items and Enter Bill.
  • Type all the information which is requested and select Save and Close to making the changes.
There is much more information on this topic that a person needs to know if he is using QuickBooks, dial the toll-free number to contact Intuit QuickBooks Support Number 048879113 and get the perfect guidance of how to use this software to make your work more easier. Our customer service takes remote access of your system to remove the problem, so you don’t need to go anywhere, comfortably sit at home and avail our best services.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

How To Create Backup of Your Quickbooks Files

If you are running a small or medium sized business you must need proper account management in order to make it successful. QuickBooks is accounting software that takes care of all your money related activities like you can create Invoices, sent and receive money, link your bank and keep a check on your income growth and much more all at the same platform.
How To Create Backup of Your Quickbooks Files

You can utilize the QuickBooks service on your mobile, Desktop, Online and on your Macintosh as well this gives you the liberty to access your business income and expense from anywhere. QuickBooks is a must have software if you want to focus more on your business than managing bills.

Sometimes due to some unknown error, you might lose your company important information so it’s better to have a back for your QuickBooks company file. To know how to back up your file follow the below strides carefully or visit QuickBooks Support to know more about your account.
  • Open your QuickBooks and go to File and then click Switch to Single-user Mode.
  • From the File menu, select Backup Company and then click create a folder to save this file on your PC.
  • In next Window, select Local Backup then click the “Options” button.
  • On the new Window that open click browse and then select the location to save this file and click OK.
  • If you want to use any other option on this page, look for it as each step is properly explained; click Ok when you are done.
  • To distinguish between backup files mark the check box labeled as “Add the date and time to the file name (recommended)”.
  • Check the box that states “Limit the number of copies to this folder” and enter the number if you want to restrict the number of backups created for the single company, this will help you to save your time.
  • Select the check box that states “Remind me to backup when I close my company file every time” and set the frequency if you want to receive a regular reminder for this saved file.
  • For verifying the data select the options while saving.
  • In the Create Backup window, click Next.
Although the above steps are quite sufficient to resolve your issues still if there is any hitch you can talk to an expert on QuickBooks Technical Support Number +64-048879113, they are trained to provide you with the best possible solution to your queries.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to send Invoices through your iOS device in QuickBooks

How to send Invoices through your iOS device in QuickBooksWith the passage of time, we have evolved ourselves in such a way that today we have all the services at our hand. Whatever we want, we can get easily as all these things are just one click away. Take anything from the present world, whether it is any service or product, all these things can be accessed remotely. You need not do the task in real or manually.

Now, in this blog, QuickBooks support is talking about sending invoices through your iOS device if you are self-employed. Big companies and organizations have set rules or letterheads to send notifications but for a self-employed person, there are no such rules. No, but this does not mean that self-employees are free to do anything. They also need to send invoices and bills to maintain their work properly.

QuickBooks offer this feature which is already embedded in its software package. You can follow the following trends to learn how this thing is done.

  • On the bottom of your screen, look for the invoices button and press it.

  • In the next page, tap the create invoice link to create one. You can also press the + button to add one.

  • Type in the name of the recipient or you can choose the contacts column to select one recipient from your phone contact list.

  • On the next screen, enter the details such as email address, phone number and home address etc to make it more professional.

  • Save these details by pressing the save button.

  • Now, add some invoicing items to the list. You can add as many items as you want.

  • Fill the description according to your need.

  • In the Rate column, enter the amount. You can set a flat rate, hourly rate or per unit rate etc also.

  • Finally, add some contact info or your own contact and after this, press the send button to send it.
If you are facing any difficulty in following the above-described steps then you can Contact QuickBooks Support NZ for your help. This support team can solve your problems instantly by remotely controlling your account for a short moment of time. The expert on the other side of the phone is trained enough to tackle any situation.

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