Monday, 10 April 2017

Learn How To Edit Inventory In QuickBooks

As we all know inventory needs to be tracked if your business includes any kind of inventory, be it involving a huge amount or just a few items. The user can use QuickBooks for gathering and storing inventory details and also for adjusting counts and values depending on the current market situation.

Most likely, you might have to keep a track of your inventory regular and any changes recorded in your financial records. 

Learn How To Edit Inventory In QuickBooks

With QuickBooks, it is very easy to make adjustments.

  • To adjust an inventory from the Menu bar select Vendors> Inventory Activities> Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand to open Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand window.
  • Select inventory type adjustment to make from the Adjustment Type menu. The user can adjust the Quantity and Total Value, or both.
  • In the Date field, enter the date of adjustment.
  • From Adjustment account from the menu select the account that the Adjustment will affect.
  • Enter the adjustment reference number into the Reference No. field towards the right.
  • Now type the reason you required to adjust an inventory in QBs into the Memo box at the bottom of the form.
  • Then click Item column available in the first row.
  • Now select the first item to from drop down list to adjust.
  • Type either New Quantity or Quantity Difference in respective fields if making Quantity adjustment.
  • Ensure that you enter the difference as a Negative number if you have entered the loss of items.
  • Enter a total value in Total Value column if you are entering a Total Value adjustment.
  • After making all the alterations click Save & Close button to finish the process.

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